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AXION 950-920

400 hp. For real.

When massive pulling power joins forces with maximum user-friendliness to deliver unrivalled versatility and performance – you are sitting in the AXION 900.

AXION 950-920

400 hp. For real.

When massive pulling power joins forces with maximum user-friendliness to deliver unrivalled versatility and performance – you are sitting in the AXION 900.

Running gear. CLAAS tractor concept. 400 hp – for real.

Real stability.

CLAAS has drawn on experience gained in developing standard tractors and XERION high-horsepower tractors delivering up to more than 500 hp to create a completely new solution for the AXION 900 – for endurance work under extremely challenging conditions. The engine is housed in a strong frame section with an integrated engine oil sump which perfectly absorbs all the forces associated with the front linkage and front axle carrier. In practice, this means:

  • Excellent steering lock angle for maximum manoeuvrability
  • Optimum access to the entire engine compartment and all maintenance points
  • High ground clearance with drive shaft integrated into the frame section with a bolted cover for protection
  • All services securely routed within the frame section

Long wheelbase – compact design

To transfer 400 hp to the ground, the design must be just right. The AXION 900 ticks all the boxes. It has a wheelbase of 3.15 m, but its outstanding design makes it manoeuvrable in the field and easy to drive on the road. And naturally, its overall length with an implement attached remains within the legal limits.

Additional front ballast is not needed for many tasks – particularly transport operations – as the long wheelbase and optimum weight distribution transfer the tractor's tractive power to the ground. This saves fuel and reduces tyre wear on the road.

A broad base.

  • Rear tyres up to 900 mm wide and 2.15 m in diameter
  • Front tyres up to 1.7 m in diameter
  • Dual tyres ex factory, with flange mounting1

1 Dual tyres are not available in all countries. Please refer to your dealer's price list.


Safe braking.

All AXION 900 models have a permitted total weight of 18 t in the 40 km/h and 50 km/h versions. In the 50 km/h version the front axles are fitted with disc brakes as standard. The front axle of the 40 km/h version can also be fitted with disc brakes as an option. The braking system on the front and rear axles provides maximum safety and stability on braking.

Fully balanced.

With so many front and rear axle ballast options, the AXION 900 is easily adapted to every application. This is the only way of exploiting its full performance potential without unnecessary losses.

Wheel weights per rear axle wheel, in kg

38" rim42" rim


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